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Childrens Books Spark Imagination

July 12, 2011 - 6:41 pm No Comments

Books leave an endlessly lasting impression on young folks who are read to. I know that for me in spite of watching a lot of television and playing a fair amount of video games in my youth several of my favorite children’s books still reverberate in my memory. In fact when asked for a list of my favorite books fictional childrens books like Harold and the Purple Crayon, Oh! The Places You’ll Go, and Where The Wild Things Are classics one and all, still rate alongside more adult fair like High Fidelity and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

A good childrens book publisher like the folks at SwordPen know how to sew seeds into the minds of children that allow them to explore their intellect and imagination. Books like Don’t Get Stuck On Being A Duck and My Dog Ate It feel like timeless classics in the vein of the aforementioned favorites. They offer morals and imaginative premises, not to mention characters that are both fantastical and wholly relatable to young readers, or listeners.

In later years of parenting you will be struck by just how much of the reading you do with your children will be remembered. This is why it is so important to buy childrens books.

Children Story Book Time Encourages Thought

June 20, 2011 - 9:00 am No Comments

chidrens book publisherJust because another celebrity sent in a transcript to a childrens book publisher out of boredom and had it printed doesn’t mean you have to buy it. While they may be good and fun, it would be nice to find a book with more substance. The whole point of reading is to educate. Kids read books so they can learn. If the book isn’t getting them to think about their choices and their hopes and dreams, what exactly is it doing?

Some childrens book publishers are more concerned with marketing and sales over quality and validity but these aren’t your only options. Classic stories and fairy tales always had lessons. Sometimes they aren’t the most pleasant or soothing- Pinocchio is actually quite dark- but they are cherished around the world because they hold something very valuable in them. That valuable thing is knowledge. Books that provoke an understanding of the world we live in have a much greater effect than frivolous ones.

SwordPen is dedicated to making fiction childrens books that encourage kids to tap into their creativity. Story time should create a discussion between parents and their kids. As your child learns and begins to think for him- or herself you want to know that they have a good base to start from. Lessons about life, morality, and everything in between will help them to discern how they feel.